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North Herts
Education Support Centre


A Selection of Responses from Parent/Carers when asked about their child’s progress:

“… has improved greatly”

“… think it is helping him”

“… more patient in time of stress…heard him “countdown from 10” & use techniques that you have taught him and it really helps him. Thank you”

“… definitely less physical behaviour when angry or upset”

"… talks positively about the Outreach Support”

“Thank you”

A Selection of Responses from Pupils when asked about their progress:

“Starting and completing more work”

“I am not shouting out so much”

“I want to do well in maths and literacy”

“Looks forward to come to school”

“I’ve done lots of good writing”

“I usually think about it (my behaviour) to make (Outreach worker) proud”

“I am more confident about my learning”

A Selection of Responses from Pupils when asked about the most helpful work they did in the sessions:

“Talking about needs”

“The STAR system”

“the listening work”

“To go over strategies”

“Anger Gremlin worksheets/to slow my anger down”

“makes me more positive about losing”

“talking about how I feel”

“making me do more good things”

“looking at my positive and feelings book”

“Anger strategies”

“Group work with social skills and friendships”