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Success Stories

Work Experience

I did work experience at Esprit Digital. I was working there for 3 days.

I was working on a big project making digital advertising boards with the latest technology. I met Richard who is the manager, he showed me around and it was really interesting seeing all the skills needed for the end product.

It was a really friendly environment and really relaxed, we had time for a joke while we worked, but when it was needed we really just got on with it. Richard told us there was a week turnaround when a product went out and new equipment came in, like screens, electronic, drives and really expensive glass that was made in Germany that costs thousands. We had to be really careful that there was nothing that could scratch these items as we couldn’t use anything that would scratch it. They were then shipped out to Dubai Emirates.

I really didn’t want to leave after 3 days so I was allowed to stay for the full week so I could see the finished project.

I was really sad when the week came to an end as I really enjoyed getting up for work. I enjoyed the people and the team I was working with and see them as friends.

After the week ended, it was the Easter holidays and after working all week, I missed working so I volunteered at a charity shop full time. My CV was looking good and I now have a good reference from Esprit Digital who said if I was old enough he would have hired me which made me feel good.

This all led to me looking for work and I now have a job at a local store where they liked my CV and hired me straight away. Thanks to Esprit Digital and all my friends there you are all awesome!


By OB, Yr 11