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North Herts
Education Support Centre

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

The development of character/SMSC, at NHESC, is embedded into our daily lesson by lesson work. Our students are encouraged to develop courage, courage to trust the adults around them, to allow them to be taught, to be given the knowledge that will allow them to build up that toolbox of skills required to be a confident accepted member of your local community in the 21st Century.

The toolbox of character/SMSC skills are modeled by staff and tested by staff through both the curriculum and extra-curricular activities. 

Character is built and tested not only in the classroom, our students are allowed to experience new aspects of life, the theatre, performing on a stage themselves, visiting local a church or mosque, cycling, high ropes, volunteering at the local food bank, addressing their fears, developing trust and learning that one small failure does not mean your whole life is in ruins.

The development of students Social Moral Spiritual & Cultural skills is a whole Centre strategy every student is given the same chances, opportunities and attention in the hope that they see a new way of living their life.