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North Herts
Education Support Centre

Secondary Referral Process

Referrals to NHPSS

Where a school feels they need support, a referral needs to be made using a Service Request form and the North Herts Support Service Referral Assessment Data Sheet;

The Service Request form can be sent to the Support Service team via the school's Secondary Worker, completed Referral Assessment Data Sheets are to be emailed to the North Herts Support Services Admin at 

Once a referral has been accepted a partnership agreements will be set up between Service, School, Parent/Carers, and Pupil.

The Service will gather appropriate data about the pupil and agree the objectives of the support.

Targets will then be set and reviewed both for the Service Support Programme (SSP) and IEPs.

Assistance will be given to write PSPs, reports for ENF, CDC, CDAC, EHCPs, and CAMHS; Support Service workers will attend meetings for the above where appropriate.

Where there is disagreement between the school and the service about the appropriate level or type of support provided there should be open discussion between all individuals concerned to try to resolve it.