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North Herts
Education Support Centre

School Comments

“The support … has always been consistent and given a clear message, which school has been able to follow through”

“… improved attitude to learning”

“… behaviour has improved greatly”

“ … addresses adults appropriately”

“… is happier coming into school and follows instructions better”

“… causing less disruptions to the learning of others”

“… more willing to engage with learning”

“… more willing to work with his peers”

“… now responds well to praise”

 “… been given a variety of different strategies to try”

“Excellent support … friendly, approachable and empathetic”

 “We are very pleased to have the support of both XX and XX to support pupils in our school. The children enjoy their sessions with them and they have adapted to all our Covid restrictions in place. It has been great that XX has been able to contribute to the annual review of one of our pupils and support our request for a change of provision to specialist.”

“All staff are very approachable and knowledgeable. They have always built a professional relationship with the school and pupil.”

“Obviously if we could have more sessions for our children we would all benefit from that but we know that services are stretched and we really appreciate what we do get!”

“There was more consistency in pupil's sessions in 2019-20 - less cancelling at short notice, moving around and changing of workers.”

Annual Report 2019-20
A copy of our annual report is attached.