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North Herts
Education Support Centre

Referral Process

The NHESC is a Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) which can only accept referrals from established schools, not admissions directly from parents.


Our work with pupils falls into the following categories:

Students who are beginning to show signs of disaffection who are receiving detentions or even fixed term exclusions.

This is where the support service staff would be working in your school with you to be proactive, helping the student to develop behaviour management strategies in order to be successful and avoid being at risk of permanent exclusion.

Students who have had fixed term exclusions and are at serious risk of permanent exclusion. 

At this stage we are generally able to offer the following:

  • Development of a PSP and support for the pupil through the PSP
  • Referral to our onsite programme for an assessment period, where we determine the student’s education programme.
  • Either a return to the referring school, a dual registered place at NHESC or support with a Managed Move to another mainstream school – coordinated by the Integration manager/Officer and the NHSS Reintegration Worker.

Students who have been permanently excluded

The Centre provides education for students who have been permanently excluded and the support programme for reintegration to a mainstream school (if appropriate) by the NHSS Reintegration Worker.