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North Herts
Education Support Centre

Primary Service Provided

North Herts Primary Support Service

NHPSS offers support for KS1 and KS2 pupils who meet the High Needs criteria. The support will provide an SEMH Curriculum – out of class support work. Additionally for 1:1+, Enhanced and Enhanced + support, there will be time spent supporting pupils in the classroom. The support offered to pupils is based on the information gathered about each pupil’s individual High Needs and can be altered should their circumstances change.

Where a pupil’s level of need dramatically increases and there is a 6Day or more Fixed Term Exclusion then there may be a need to remove support from other pupils who are at the lowest level of High Need; this staff allocation will be taken from pupils who are within the same partnership.

NHPSS staff work within the NHESC calendar and may also attend training courses; all attempts will be made for staff to attend meetings for pupils within their own support time; however occasionally staff will need cancel a session – the support worker will give as much notice as possible.