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Curriculum and Employer Engagement

CEIAG forms an integral part of the pastoral curriculum at the Centre across KS3 and KS4, and is delivered in a variety of engaging ways:

Student Passports

The CEIAG programme has been embedded into the school’s pastoral programme for a number of years now. Each student has a ‘passport’ which provides a termly overview of their plans and aspirations, with an individualised time-line for their future plans that they complete during discussions with their tutor. The passport is a tool to assist students to focus on their self-development, lifestyle and progression. The passport includes also includes sections where students record details of all of their termly experiences and achievements, details of their meetings with our connexions advisor Lorraine Day and a record of how their CV progressing.


All KS3 students and the majority of the KS4 students at the Centre receive one hour of PSHE education a week, based on a programme following the guidelines from the PSHE association. Within the programme students cover many relevant topics, including raising aspirations, British values and economic well-being. The programme is further supplemented by trips and visits (e.g. a trip to the Houses of Parliament) and visiting speakers and workshops (e.g. the local fire and police service).

During the PSHE sessions, Year 11 students are encouraged to complete their CV’s and investigate possible courses at college / apprenticeships that they may be interested in. They also take part in role play interviews.

Links with local colleges

The Centre continues to establish links with local colleges, in particular North Herts College and Oaklands.

The Year 11 students have the opportunity to meet staff from NHC and listen to their presentations on several occasions throughout the year, so they understand how to apply for courses, what to expect as life as a student and assistance with funding issues and SEN. All students have access to local area prospectus through internet access and printed copies. Students also visit the colleges and take part in local taster workshops, in subjects of their interest in order to review the facilities, find out more about the courses and what is expected.

Interviews with Connexions Personal Advisor

All Year 11 students have the opportunity to discuss their future plans with a Connexions Personal Advisor on a regular basis. Minutes of each meeting can be found in the Connexions folder stored in the admin office.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Students have the opportunity to achieve a Duke of Edinburgh – Bronze Award. There are 3 keys aspects to this award: learning a new skill, a new sport, volunteering and completing an expedition. By completing this award, students gain confidence and develop their life skills; they develop attributes such as resilience, commitment, self-motivation and team work, giving them experiences to add to their CV, discuss confidently at interviews, and also aiding their employability.

Year 9 Next steps

Towards the end of KS3, our Year 9 students are involved in discussions and are supported in their decision making regarding their next steps, on to Bancroft or Briar Patch, and are encouraged to visit each Centre and discover what the subject options are that available to them, and to meet their new tutors.. They are supported through their transition by both KS3 and KS4 members of staff.

Year 11 Parent consultations

Discussions take place between student, tutor and parent/carer during the spring term.

In addition, many aspects of CEIAG and work related learning (WRL) are delivered through the wider curriculum.

Core curriculum areas also contribute towards students’ WRL, including the development of student’s key skills, through the subject content and delivery methods. These are further enhanced through business links

Strategic Benefits

CEIAG provision is cohesive and holistic which results in:

  • Developing students with confidence in their career choices
  • Enabling positive progression
  • An inclusive approach to CEIAG
  • Meeting student needs via differentiation

Leadership, Management and Key Principles

The quality of provision offered through the CEIAG programme is under regular review through regular meetings between SLT (incl SENCO), Curriculum leads (incl Vocational Leads and PSHE), the delivery team and the Connexions Advisor.