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North Herts
Education Support Centre


Personal, Social, Health and Economic education is known as PSHE. It consists of a number of interrelated themes of which the principal threads are:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Sex and relationship education (SRE)
  • Drug and alcohol education
  • Economic wellbeing
  • British values
  • Raising aspirations and career guidance
  • Personal and social skills development including staying safe.
  • Building Resilience

Our curriculum is designed to improve the students’ self-worth through the experience of success and involvement in Centre life. 


PSHE includes Citizenship which enables students to develop individual and appropriate social skills, enabling students to effectively integrate into society.
Within the curriculum we promote pupil wellbeing and develop individual character by providing accessible information, exploration, clarification and the development of attitudes and values that support self-esteem and help develop a healthy, safer lifestyle with responsibility and confidence. The main aims of the Citizenship programme are to enable out young people to:
  • understand and embrace change, responsibility, and wellbeing.
  • develop the skills needed to play an understanding role in public life, communities and society.
  • respect diversity, democracy, traditions, culture, the law and human rights.
  • be enterprising and to develop a can do attitude.
  • be able to manage money, recognise financial risk and reward.
  • create a positive sense of self, and a healthy lifestyle.
  • be able to understand different relationships including parenting skills, and to be able to deal with pressure and emotions
  • develop the skills that will improve the employability of our students; helping them to successfully move onto the next stage of their lives, be it college, apprenticeships an occupation etc.

The Lead for PSHE is Lyn Star.