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North Herts
Education Support Centre

Our Patch Charity

"To prepare students for life both

academically and socially through

a positive learning experience”

'Our Patch' is the name of the charity set up in 2012 by Maggie Hackney and Julie Vernon-Hamilton.

Our Patch aims to enhance the educational, social, emotional, behavioural, physical and cultural development of the students at North Herts Education Support Centre by fundraising to supplement the limited funding available from the local authority, Hertfordshire County Council.

The North Herts Education Support Centre is an extended ESC and is based over two sites: Briar Patch in Letchworth Garden City and Bancroft in Hitchin.

The Centre supports mainstream primary and secondary schools in their work with pupils who have emotional, behavioural and social skills difficulties.  These are pupils who have difficulties in conforming to mainstream expectations, who are bullied or are the bully, who have difficulty forming friendships.

The charity's Patron is Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere. For more information about Our Patch please visit the charity's website at:


About Our Patch