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Other Curriculum Events

  Fire Service - Duke Of Edinburgh - 5-a-side - Work Exp. at Costa - Wildlife Park - Kart Trak 
 Maths Workshop - Homeless Shelter - Food Guru

PE - Emirates Trip (December 2016)

Students from the BTEC Sport options groups from both sites enjoyed a visit to the Emirates Stadium in London, the home of Arsenal Football Club, during Christmas week. They were first led on a guided tour which took in the Directors’ Box, the exclusive (and very expensive!) Diamond Club, the players entrance underground, the away dressing room, the home dressing room, pitch-side on the Arsenal bench, the press conference room and the media area. This was followed by a look around the club shop where a couple of students bought small mementos of the day. After a break for lunch (and staff coffee!) the group had the chance to look round the recently refurbished Arsenal museum with various trophies, memorabilia and numerous video screens showing the history of Arsenal’s success.

Someone's on the phone to his agent!


Over the course of the visit students were particularly impressed with the relaxation spa in the home dressing room, the players’ walk out through the tunnel to the pitch and the huge media room which serves Ben & Jerry’s ice cream after matches!! It was quite a long day with the journey to London and back but all the students were great ambassadors for NHESC.


Fire Services Visit

Students recently took part in a workshop relating to keeping safe. This workshop was provided on site by the emergency services.

Students learnt about the dangers of getting in a car with a driver that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The students were able to take part in an interactive experience were they could see how a person’s reactions and vision are affected. 

Students responded well to this workshop one student said “ I am never getting in a car with someone who’s been drinking alcohol again, it’s really made me realise and affected me”.


Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh students have, for their volunteering module made, erected and will monitor bird boxes. These boxes were made from the RSPB recommendations for bird boxes which will hopefully accommodate small passerines (small song birds). 

The students enjoyed using their carpentry skills to make the boxes, which included transferring the dimensions from a drawing onto the components to assemble all the parts. The students worked something similar to an assembly line used for making cars etc, some glued components together, whilst others hinged the tops.

Having received permission from the Letchworth Foundation that manages the land near Briar Patch to erect (site) the nest boxes the students applied themselves brilliantly when siting them in the woods. They had to find north using a compass on their iPhones. Siting the nest boxes in a northerly position avoids direct contact from the sun’s rays during the spring and summer months. The young birds may dehydrate and die during very hot spells of weather. As yet no birds have taken up residence in the boxes, although it is still early spring. 


Herts ESCs 5-a-side tournament – December 2016

After the disappointment in Spring 2016 of missing out on top spot on goal difference  in the first Herts ESCs 5-a-side tournament (by one goal!), NHESC went one better and won the latest tournament held recently in December. The team scored a hatful of goals enabling them to triumph on goal difference themselves and bring the trophy home!

Three ESCs were present on a cold wintery morning on the astroturf pitches at Gosling Sports Centre in Welwyn to play in a round robin tournament playing against each other twice. Each team played the other 2 teams twice so that everyone played 4 short games. The NHESC results were as follows:

Match 1 – NHESC pulled away towards the end of the match after a tight encounter to beat Dacorum 7-4 (Kyle Cook 3, Jack Brammer 2, Tyler Welch, Jay Wilson).

Match 2 – The Park edged a close game 3-2 (Kyle, Jack) but NHESC had many chances and were unfortunate not to at least get a draw.

Match 3 - the best performance of the tournament, smashing Dacorum 10-2 with Kyle Cook scoring 5 goals! (Kyle 5, Jack 2, Tyler 2, Lexus)

Match 4 – NHESC again trailed against The Park and knew they would need at least a draw to have any chance of winning the tournament……the team fought back hard from 1-4 down to earn a 4-4 draw (Kyle 3, Tyler) but had to rely on Dacorum to beat The Park in the final match of the tournament………….in the matches between the other teams The Park beat Dacorum in their first match but in that final match of the tournament Dacorum came from behind to beat The Park to secure the cup for NHESC.

Congratulations to all players that represented the team……………

… Kyle Cook for his tally of scoring 12 goals in 4 matches, the tournament’s top scorer by far,

… Tyler Welch for his 4 goals, his endurance covering ground all over the pitch and for driving the team forward at every opportunity,

… Mikey Mitchell for flinging himself around in goal for most of the tournament,

… Lexus Page for his discipline in positioning and scoring 1 goal, finishing off the best team goal of the whole tournament,

… Jack Brammer, as captain, for his tenacious tackling, his brilliant temperament in the face of aggressive tussles with the opposition and scoring 5 goals

… Jay Wilson for his energetic substitute appearances and scoring 1 goal,

… Jakob Hart for his cameo role in one match and

… Max Ridgewell…..for his supporting role!

Many thanks also to Kenny and Ellie as assistant coaches, score keepers, crowd control and….. for the coffees!!!



Work Experience At 



I had an amazing week of work experience, despite the difficulties along the way I've managed to gain confidence and learnt what life is like in the world of work. An amazing experience and was very hard. I've matured and managed to make myself and others proud. Highly recommed this place to visit.I had an amazing week of Work Experience. Despite the difficulties along the way I have managed to gain confidence and learnt what life is like at work. It was an amazing experience and very hard work. I’ve matured and managed to make myself and others proud. I highly recommend this place to visit.


Leisure and Tourism Trip

Paradise Wildlife Park

We were greeted on arrival by Sarah Lebentz (Corporate and Conservation Lead) who introduced herself and shook hands with all of us before telling us the planned format for the day.  Sarah introduced us to Katy who also shook our hands and talked us through a briefing paper she had put together based on the headings we need to write up for our controlled assessments.  She talked about PWPs products and services and how they appeal to their customers.  She told us about the history of the park and how trends over the years had changed and why those changes had happened.   She described the management structure of the park and explained the roles and responsibilities of the different jobs within each of the departments.

Next we met Aaron the owners grandson who took us on a tour of the park.  He told us about how the zoo had developed from a few animals to what it is today and also spoke about global conversation and the future of PWP. We did listen to what he was saying but were busy looking at all the animals as well.  We were taken to handle the studio animals in the pictures below.