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All students on the music programme have the opportunity to achieve an Arts Award Bronze in a musical skill of their choice. Some students who

It is our aim that all students studying music leave North Herts Education Support Centre with an underpinning knowledge and understanding of developing music skills for production/ performance. 

Our aims in teaching Music are for students to:

  • Think creatively about music and develop skills for self expression
  • Use music and lyrics to help represent feelings and experiences
  • Use music and lyrics to help represent things that they might not have directly experienced
  • Further develop abilities in being able to play musical instruments
  • Develop ability to listen to and respond to music for the sheer joy of it
  • Develop language skills through talking about their work and presenting ideas through the use of media and online resources
  • Use their experiences to begin to develop potential in the field of music performance and production
  • To develop a degree of understanding of elements of the music industry
  • Work with others, listening to their ideas and treating these with respect
  • To extend knowledge of the work a range of musicians and musical performers
  • Develop their ability to respond, review and comment critically on pieces of music and musical performance
  • Develop their ability to extend the knowledge of others through the sharing of their own knowledge
  • Use a range of media including ICT
  • Develop skills of sorting, classifying, planning, predicting, asking questions concluding and evaluating through practical activities.
  • Make informed decisions based on evidence and their own experiences, and be able to apply knowledge to new situations
  • Develop responsibility for their own health and safety, and that of others when undertaking performance and musical activities.

 Arts Award, Bronze: Structure and content

The Bronze Arts Award comprises of 4 parts; A, B, C and D. All parts must be completed to achieve a pass.

Part A - Take Part – Develop your skills in the arts

This is a very practical part of the award, where you practice and improve on your art. This could be rapping, singing, playing an instrument, making digital music or song writing.

Part B - Be the Audience for the arts and respond to your experience

This part allows you to watch and review an Art form. It doesn’t have to be the same as the skills you’re developing.

Part C - Arts Inspiration – Research Someone in the arts

In this part you need to research an Arts person who inspires you. Your Arts hero!

Part D - Arts Skills Share – Pass your arts skills on to others

In this part you must share skills by running a work shop, delivering a presentation or an online ‘how to’ guide.       

  The Lead for Music is Ellie Bullen-Ryner