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North Herts
Education Support Centre


Car mechanics was introduced to the timetable in June 2015 and we moved into our new purpose built mechanics workshop.  In the September of 2015 we acquired accreditation from the ABC Awarding Body that allowed us to teach mechanics up to Level 1.  Students transfer, post 16, to North Herts College to continue their mechanics careers  or onto an apprenticeship through a car dealer network in Hertfordshire. 

Students study a variety of units such as; tyre pressure and tread, car valeting internal and external, spark plugs, health & safety awareness, customer care, principles of engine construction, motorcycle construction and external and internal lights.

Integral to the mechanics syllabus are placements in local garages, visits from local car mechanics and trips to car manufacturers. 

Further to the mechanics syllabus we are now in the process of forging links with a British Schools go-kart team, allowing students to take part in races and learning new skills such as assembling and preparing a go-kart for a race, mending and adapting the go-kart to suit different race conditions, and if driving the go-kart, being able to give the mechanics looking after their kart information as to what needs changing or looking at during the pit stop between races. The go-kart team will include the students and their parents in the pit stop crew, they will work with their son or daughter preparing the go-kart for races.

We have also added setting up, testing and modifying go-karts to the practical sessions that will be started during the spring and summer term. 

The Lead for Mechanics is Sid Hamilton.