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North Herts
Education Support Centre

Job Centre Plus

North Herts was the first ESC we have delivered to. We had an initial meeting with the Careers lead, who explained to us how the centre worked in a different way from mainstream schools as all students attending have challenging behaviour in some form. We very quickly built a close working relationship and had several meetings to discuss the greatest needs and formulate a bespoke “North Herts ESC Careers Academy” Programme. As the students were at high risk of becoming NEETS, we wanted to spend longer working with them to help  equip them with the skills and behaviours required by employers in 2017. The academy consisted of 6 sessions, including “Getting to know you”, “How to get the best from Work Experience” and “Preparing for an interview”. The academy enabled students to gradually develop their skills week on week with every new session challenging them more than the last. In week 6 of the academy, each student attended a mock interview. We gave in-depth feedback afterwards, offering advice on areas for improvement and praise for what they had done well. Coursework from the academy will be  used as evidence towards students achieving the speaking and listening element of their English qualifications. We were delighted to see so many students progress in a positive way during the academy, with some pleasantly surprising us at the mock interview stage. Finally we held a “Graduation Assembly” giving each student a certificate displaying the work related modules they had completed. We also took the opportunity to present  awards to those students who had made notable improvements, including, “Most improved confidence”, ”Best contributions in sessions”, ”Most improved attitude”  and “Demonstrated Maturity” as well as the student who performed best overall. The academy ended on a very positive note and we have already arranged more dates to work with North Herts ESC going into 2019.

This is what the school had to say.

 “This autumn term saw the launch of our new NHESC Careers Academy programme, an umbrella term used to cover various approaches used to prepare our students for their next steps and out into the world of work. To aid the students with this process, we have worked very closely with the JCP Support for Schools team, who have delivered a bespoke training programme.  The JCP Support for Schools team were very supportive of both staff and students throughout the whole process. They were very knowledgeable about current issues and advised us on the topics that they thought would be suitable for our students. They devised a range of different teaching strategies and demonstrated resilience and determination with the ability to be flexible when difficult situations arose. Students that participated in the programme have been very positive and appreciative of the process. We are looking forward to working closely with the JCP S4S team again in the near future."

(Clare, Lynn, Kate and Caroline at NHESC)

Jacob Y11 said “I really enjoyed doing the workshops and found them very useful. I am pleased I have a CV now. My favourite bit was the mock interview because it didn’t feel that awkward and now I know what to expect. I was proud of my achievements and told my family about the certificates that I was presented”