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The Cambridge Nationals Qualification at Level 1 or Level 2 in ICT is mostly coursework based and consists of four units: Unit 2 - Using ICT to create business solutions covers all of the Microsoft Office applications (Word, Power point, Excel, Publisher and Access); Unit 3 - Handling data using spread sheets; and Unit 4 - Handling data using databases. There is also a Terminal Exam worth 25% of the overall qualification: Unit 1- Understanding computer systems.

In lessons, the students will practice the skills necessary to fulfil the course requirements as well as creating a portfolio of work for external moderation. Students who complete this course successfully will achieve an Award, which is equivalent to a GCSE. There is also a short course option available to students who begin the course later in the year; this consists of Unit 2 and the terminal exam, and is equivalent to a half GCSE.

A large number of students are also entered for Functional Skills exams in ICT. This exam runs from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 and students are entered at the Level appropriate to their ability. The exam comprises the use of ICT in their day to day lives.

The Head of Department for ICT is Mathew Seigal