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North Herts
Education Support Centre

Helping Others

Foodbank Donations

Every week we celebrate the achievements of students who have had 100% attendance and those with most improved attendance by putting their names on a display board for other students to see. Each of these students then chooses a food item to go into a food hamper. Each half term this hamper is then taken by the students who have chosen the items, to the local food bank. This helps to promote a feeling of contribution to the community and caring for the well-being of others alongside encouraging outstanding attendance. 

Donation to the local homeless shelter

On the last day of term 3 students and some staff members took a large hampers of food to the Homeless Shelter in Hitchin, Stevenage Haven. The Shelter were extremely grateful for our donations and sent a letter of thanks to the Centre.

One of the hampers was put together by a student who had the most improved attendance throughout the term, they were allowed to choose an item each week from a list of foods to put into the hamper, the students engaged really well with this!

The other hamper was put together by students who revealed an item of Christmas food from behind an advent calendar picture for each day in December along with a positive quote to think about.