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North Herts
Education Support Centre


On the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into force in the UK.  These are new data protection regulations build upon the Data Protection Act of 1998.

The GDPR require public authorities and businesses to identify the lawful basis for storing personal data, audit information we already hold and take a ‘data protection by design and default’ approach to personal data.  

We take data protection very seriously at North Herts Education Support Centre.   In line with GDPR requirements, we have already appointed a Data Protection Officer, Ian Gamble, to oversee our approach to data management and protection. 

In order to ensure that we comply with the new regulations, we are reviewing our current policies and practices. We have already updated our privacy notices in line with the new requirements. 

To learn more about the General Data Protection Regulation, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website on


The centre has an external Data Protection Officer (DPO), contact information is as follows:

Patrick Aikman

Email -

Website -