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North Herts
Education Support Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

If I feel the NHESC will benefit my son/daughter can I refer them to you?  

No, you must discuss your concerns with your son/daughter’s mainstream school.

My child has been referred to NHESC, what happens next?  

The NHESC will contact you with a date for an Admissions meeting.

My child is entitled to Free School Meals, how does this get set up?  

If your son/daughter is already receiving Free School Meals then this will continue at the NHESC. If your child is not already receiving Free School Meals then the application process will be explained at the Admissions meeting and support provided in the process.

How do I know when my child is due in school?  

Each student receives an individual timetable.

My child needs to take regular medication; can they do this in school?  

Yes, you will be asked to complete the medical forms at the Admissions meeting.

Why does my child need to attend both the Letchworth and Hitchin sites?  

One site is our vocational site and as we encourage all students to study a vocational subject alongside their GCSEs they will need to attend both sites.

I’ve been asked to attend a review – what does this mean?  

This is to discuss your son/daughter’s progress.

My child has been Permanently Excluded from their school – what happens now?  

This rarely happens in North Hertfordshire, however if your son/daughter has been permanently excluded North Herts ESC will contact you to arrange an Admissions meeting.

Why do you not have a school uniform?  

School uniform is often an area of confrontation for our students in mainstream school and is thus a barrier to their learning. We also like to prepare our students for college life.

The Centre is miles from where I live, how is my child supposed to get to school?  

Public transport runs to stops relatively near both sites, however if you live more than 3 miles from the Centre then then NHESC can apply for a bus or train pass in order for your son/daughter to get to school each day. This will be covered in the Admissions meeting; it is recommended that you bring a passport photograph with you in order to get the application off to County as soon as possible.

For certain cases a student may be put on to a pre-paid taxi service to be brought to school each day, however this is rare and normally only for students with exceptional needs.

What Work Experience do you offer?  

In Year 11 all NHESC students have the opportunity to participate in Work Experience. This can range from shadowing at a local hair salon or garage to serving at a high street coffee shop. Students can arrange their own work experience through family contacts but all placements must be approved by a member of SLT before commencing.

Can my child ever return to mainstream school?  

Yes, if all the professions involved feel they will be successful. This would be discussed with you during the review process.