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North Herts
Education Support Centre

Free School Meals

f your son or daughter has Free School Meals at their present school, you will need to phone Herts County Council to transfer the Free School Meals to North Herts Education Support Centre. You will be asked for your son or daughter’s name, date of birth, and their present school.

You will need to tell them the name of the new School (North Herts Education Support Centre) and the School Number (666). This information can only be passed on at the Parent or Carer’s request, not by the new school.

Until we receive confirmation from Herts County Council, you will need to pay in advance for any meals or snacks.

The number to telephone is  0300 123 4048

If you have not applied for Free School Meals before, you may be entitled if you are in receipt of certain Benefits.

You will need to have your full name, National Insurance Number, details of your benefits.  You will also need the name of the District Council you pay your Council Tax to.

You may also apply at and click on "Apply For It"

Herts County Council will then let us know whether your child is entitled to Free School Meals for the coming year.

Please apply NOW!