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North Herts
Education Support Centre


Key Stage 4 Enterprise Skills

Key stage 4 students will have the opportunity to work towards achieving a BTEC Level 2 Enterprise Skills qualification

Purpose of the qualification

This qualification aims to enable students to develop the mind-set and skills that a successful entrepreneur needs for business.


Students will learn the mind-set and skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. They will be able to describe the mind-set and skills needed by successful entrepreneurs to plan and run a business. Students will learn how successful entrepreneurs manage risk.

Students will be able to develop the mind-set and skills that they need for business. They will conduct a skills audit of themselves identifying areas of improvement. Students will describe how skills required for the business will be resourced and plan their own personal development, reviewing their progress against the plan over time.

Students will have the opportunity to gain business experience from real life scenarios such as being involved in the marketing, advertising, the production of and the costing of products to sell at the Christmas Fair.

Students will also have the opportunity to meet and interview a range of local entrepreneurs.

Progression and preparation for further study Students who work towards achieving the BTEC Level 2 Enterprise Skills will have the opportunity to run their own mini business from within the Centre The intended destinations for learners successfully achieving this qualification includes: • GCSEs and/or A Levels • Business and Enterprise based courses at Post 16 • Apprenticeships This qualification may also enhance student self-development by providing them with valuable life skills.

The Lead for Enterprise is Kate Robinson