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North Herts
Education Support Centre

Classroom Staff



James Anson - Head of English, SENCo (Special Education Needs Coordinator)

Christina Charalambou - Head of Art, Head of Animals and the Environment, Mental Health Lead

Tom Clark - Head of Physical Education, Duke of Edinburgh Lead, Off-Site Visits Lead

Debbie Donovan - Assistant Head Teacher, Head of Science

Helen Emery - Head of Hair & Beauty, Autism Lead, SENco (Special Education Needs Coordinator)

Sid Hamilton - Head of Mechanics

Kate Robinson - Assitant Head Teacher, Head of Catering, Head of Enterprise, CEIAG Lead

Mathew Seigal - Head of ICT,  Data Manager, Systems Development

Paul Thompson - Head of Mathematics

Richard Fihosy - Head of Prince's Trust Qualification

Leeroy Williams - Achieve Group Lead Teacher

Tim Hines - Teacher

 Pastoral Leads

Andrew Hovell - Briar Patch Site, Pastoral Lead, Parent Support,
Deputy DSL (Safeguarding), Counselling Service Manager

Lyn Star (De La Fuente) - Bancroft Site, Pastoral Lead, Parent Support,
Deputy DSL (Safeguarding), PSHE Head of Department

 Learning Support Assistants

Ella Adams - LSA

Lindsay Burkhart - LSA

Karen Croft - Pastoral Support Assistant

Natalie Davies - LSA

Hayley Lanfear - Pastoral Support Assistant

Michael Oakes - Mechanics Technician, LSA and Lifestyle Mentor

Mary Salmon - LSA

Wayne Armstrong - Senior LSA Achieve Group