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North Herts
Education Support Centre


GCSE Fine Art

Students across both sites have the opportunity to take GCSE Fine Art. The OCR GCSE Fine Art Course requires students to submit one main coursework piece, with accompanying evidence, which is worth 60% of the total marks for the qualification.

Students also take a controlled test, taking up to a maximum of ten hours, to produce a final piece of work, with two months to plan and prepare their exam piece. The terminal exam work is worth up to 40% of the total marks for the qualification.

Each student chooses their own starting point for coursework, these are diverse and based on the interests and pursuits of the individual. Each student works from personalised schemes of work based on discussion with the Curriculum Lead. For the Terminal Exam, students choose a starting point from a selection given by the Board.

Areas of study, in both instances, include; response to stimulus, recording from direct observation, sustaining a chosen study from concept to realisation, analysing a theme, selecting and controlling materials and processes, and producing a critical study of a chosen artist.

The Lead for Art is Christina Charalambou