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North Herts
Education Support Centre

About Us

North Herts Education Support Centre (NHESC) is an Outstanding Pupil Referral Unit serving North Hertfordshire. NHESC works with permanently excluded students and those at serious risk of permanent exclusion.

We have two sites: Briar Patch in Letchworth and Bancroft in Hitchin providing education for KS3 and KS4 students and a behaviour support service across North Herts.

We offer a friendly supportive environment in which we are continually developing and striving for excellence, through a commitment to continuing professional development and high quality teaching and learning which drive everything that we do.

Our strong community environment enables young people to feel safe, happy and able to develop into positive members of their local community. Built into this, is a base of strong relationships, both with our students and their parents and carers, but also with our partnership of schools and key stakeholders.

The philosophy at NHESC  is that, "it’s never too late to turn on to education". The leadership is always looking for new innovative ways to get young people to reconnect with learning and enhance their social skills allowing them to leave formal education with a fresh and revitalised start to adult.